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Bobby Carrot is 5 years old! Join us on a journey through time to the origins of the puzzle game series and find out just how it all began. Each game features brilliantly colourful graphics. And what’s more, the whole classic series gets a reworked soundtrack, more control options and a fresh, newly designed, arcade-style look. In celebration of this jubilee, each of the 4 parts is being offered at a special price. So now everybody should be able to celebrate with us!

In all of the Bobby Carrot games you accompany the eponymous riddling rabbit through cleverly constructed levels where you have to find the way out. This isn’t made too easy for you: for example, in order to be able to open up the exit you have to collect all of the carrots and negotiate numerous obstacles and traps. Each part of the series offers its own individual gaming experience and will crease you up with its hilarious features.

The individual classic games are:
Bobby Carrot 1 CLSX: 2 game modes: Collect the carrots and lay Easter eggs
Bobby Carrot 2 CLSX: Travel through a wintery world and collect the energy stars
Bobby Carrot 3 CLSX: Pack your swimming trunks – Bobby’s going swimming!
Bobby Carrot 4 CLSX: Plant flowers in a magical garden.
  • 5 years of Bobby Carrot
  • 4 classic episodes
  • improved sound
  • stylish arcade-look
  • 3 control options
  • auto-save
  • for the whole family
  • special price! $1.99


iPhone, iPod touch
iPhone OS 2.2 needed


Bobby 1: March 09
Bobby 2: April 09
Bobby 3: June 09
Bobby 4: TBA


bc_classic_screenshot1.jpg bc_classic_screenshot2.jpg bc_classic_screenshot3.jpg bc_classic_screenshot4.jpg bc_classic_screenshot5.jpg