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A magical painting book adventure for kids Help the cute little kitten on its way to get milk from the cow. The kitten will meet lots of different animals as it walks around the colorful farm.

Swipe your fingers across the screen to color the animals; each animal will talk to the kitten and tell a story. Players can tap various objects hidden in the background for more interaction options. All the items will be displayed in a gallery and can be viewed at any time.

A truly inspiring adventure for kids that will engage them with nature and animals.
  • Voice Acting
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interactive backgrounds
  • Coloring book
  • Universal app
  • Humorous sounds
  • Simple Controls


iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (incl. Retina Support)




ctc_screenshot_1.jpg ctc_screenshot_2.jpg ctc_screenshot_3.jpg ctc_screenshot_4.jpg ctc_screenshot_5.jpg